Making Your 2015 Goals a Reality

January: the season of goal setting. Even with the best intentions, setting and maintaining your 2015 personal and business goals can be intimidating.

It’s hard to imagine adding yet another responsibility to your already full plate.
What goals should I set? Is this goal attainable? I don’t have time for all of these goals. So how and why do we set these goals and how can we actually stick to them?

These quick tips will help you set real, attainable, and impactful goals that you can actually follow through on.

1. Prioritise

Prioritising is essential when setting your year’s goals. Only set goals you are truly passionate about. If you can find a goal you’re excited about and one you can truly benefit from, putting in the effort to attain that goal will seem all the more worthwhile.

You’ll also need to prioritise your time. If you set a goal you are passionate about, find a way to work it into your schedule. If you don’t give your goal priority, daily life can often get in the way and sidetrack you.

2. Set Attainable Goals

We have probably all been guilty of setting outlandish goals. Why not aim high, right? While that is a noble thought, it’s not always the best option. Be honest with yourself and think about what you can handle this year.

This doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish everything you want to, it just means you need to find ways to fit these goals into your daily life. If going back to school is your goal, find a program that will fit in with your daily life. If you want to double sales in your business this year, make a realistic plan for getting there.

3. Stay Focused

Even with the best intentions, life can (and probably will) get in the way of your goals. But it’s important to bounce back from these distractions. Always keep your ends in mind; think about the benefits and rewards of achieving your goals and remember that you can get there. When other responsibilities get in the way, focus on getting yourself back on track and accomplishing the goals you have already worked so hard toward.

So what goals should you set this year? Why not start with furthering your or your employees’ educations? Registering yourself or your employees for training courses can help you further your career, increase your employees’ productivity, and expand your skill set.

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