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We work with companies and businesses to help skill your workforce while streamlining your training practices. We are committed to excellence and efficiency with industry-ready training and assessment centres that benefit your team and your organisation.


Partnering with Trainwest

An RTO Partnership with Trainwest can offer a range of benefits to your business and the industry your business operates within. RTOs and businesses collaborate to create adaptable, cutting-edge procedures and goods that cater to the operational requirements of the business.

Not all businesses have the required resources to become a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). When compliance is not your core business, the value in becoming an RTO is questionable, particularly when considering all those non-revenue generating hours. Trainwest’s Third Party partnership program ensures you can deliver nationally recognised training courses and qualifications to your clients and employees, without the burden of becoming an RTO.

In other words, under our third party auspicing agreement we take care of the non-revenue generating tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best, what you love most, and what is most profitable – your clients, your way! As a leading trading provider in Perth, WA, we will provide detailed information and deliver quality training and assessment thanks to our team who will support the learning journey every step of the way

If you are one of these organisations or persons who wish to provide online or accredited training, partnering with an RTO like Trainwest makes good sense. Enquire today about entering into a partnership with us by contacting us to find out more about our training and assessment courses for your organisation.

Formal agreement

Trainwest is required to establish a written service agreement with each organisation that provides training and/or assessment on their behalf. This agreement will include the following:

  • each party’s roles and responsibilities;
  • cooperating with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA – national regulator for vocational education and training);
  • complying with ASQA advertising and marketing standards;
  • informing prospective learners;
  • collecting fees;
  • recordkeeping;
  • dealing with complaints and appeals; and,
  • providing data (student records and USI numbers).

Available Training

The following scope of training is available in all states and territories

To see Trainwest’s full scope of registration: visit http://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/51807

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions:

Sole provider or organisation wishing to expand their existing business with a training program to align with nationally recognised training and who doesn’t want to become a RTO themselves.

A partnership with us will allow you to:

  • Deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications to your employees and clients.
  • Be assured of the integrity and quality of the assessments your clients and employees receive.
  • Internally manage your in-house training programs rather than outsourcing the work.
  • Deliver training both on- and off-the-job, at times and places suited to your workplace and clients schedules.
  • Providing the workforce with pathways to further training and career development.
  • Delivering nationally accredited training ensures employees and clients have the skills and competencies required by industry.

Trainwest has a registration process that starts with the completion of our Registration Checklist.

Most importantly, you must have industry experience in what you wish to train, and hold the industry requirements for trainers and assessors including the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Yes – Public liability and Workers compensation (if training employees)

Upon the competent completion of training, Trainwest will issue and send out the qualification or statement of attainment directly to the student.

Yes. Trainwest can work in consultation with you to develop all assessment materials and ensure they meet the national standard for recognised training.

Alternatively, Trainwest will validate your existing assessment materials or those that you have written yourself.

Yes, we have a suite of generic resources that can be contextualised to meet your training needs.

We can work with you to extend Trainwest’s scope of registration to cover your training requirements. There is an additional fee for this service.

The costs of a Training Partnerships with Trainwest is assessed on an individual basis, and are determined after consultation with you, and taking into account other factors such as:

  • Your expected number of students.
  • If you require the use of our training resources, or will you provide your own Courseware
  • if you are requiring online delivery, will we have to adapt your resources for this medium
  • If your learning and assessment materials require mapping, development or improvement
  • If you are an RTO, a non-accredited organisation or an individual
  • If you need us to write or source the assessment materials for you
  • What type of Certification documents are to be awarded

All Partnership arrangements will attract an initial Sign-up fee. Ongoing fees on a per-student or per-unit basis and also levied as well as for annual monitoring and compliance maintenance fee.


Third Party Application Checklist

The completion of the following checklist will assist Trainwest in determining the suitability of entering into a third party arrangement with the enquiring organisation.

Should you require any further information contact Trainwest.

Trainwest will provide you with the skills, knowledge and practices to get the job done.

You can get in touch with us on our contact form, by email, or by phone on 1300 938 411. The Trainwest team are always here to discuss your training requirements in Perth, regional WA or throughout Australia.