Take the Stress Out of Christmas

Christmas tends to be a period full of little stresses through to major disturbances. This can take a particularly heavy tole on you as you’re simultaneously trying to manage increased pressure and a changing environment at work.

While Trainwest can’t help you with at-home dilemmas, we can provide you with the best possible advice to conquer any stress you might face at work as the holidays begin to approach.

Tip 1:

For many businesses, Christmas is the time of year that brings with it the heaviest work load. It is also the period with the most holidays and least amount of working hours. This places a lot of strain on workers to shoulder extra responsibility.

In order to combat this, it is critical to plan. Prior to the holiday period, plan everything you want to do through December and January. Plan this realistically and then reconsider this plan regularly to rearrange priorities and assess your progress.

Tip 2:

Make sure you keep focused, despite the many home and work distractions. Take time every day to review the progress of your business. As you do this, consider timely information and feedback. Make sure you are regularly communicating with key stakeholders, staff and customers to keep your information relevant.

Tip 3:

There is less time over the Christmas period to manage your workload. Using time management strategies to ensure efficiency is critical. Minimise procrastination, organise yourself throughout the day, delegate and focus on achieving your maximum productivity.

Tip 4:

It is important to remember, during this potentially overwhelming period of the year, that you can only manage what you are in control of. As obstacles continue to arrive, consider whether they are within your realm of control. If there is nothing effective you can do in response to these challenges, omit them from your focus and stay driven towards success.

Tip 5:

Christmas can be a tumultuous period, with a lot of unexpected change taking place. It is natural to feel anxious or reluctant towards change and as such, it is generally a highly disruptive factor to people’s work. In order to be successful over this period, you must accept and adapt to change.

Tip 6:

Consider whether your thinking is helpful or unhelpful. Is your thinking productive? Does it bring you closer to achieving something? If not, you need to make an effort to start thinking differently. Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and it will become a lot easier to manage your stress.

Tip 7:

You will achieve better results if you actively work to be optimistic. Positive thoughts will improve your mood, as well as the mood of those around you. As a result of this, more productive thoughts and work can be completed.

Tip 8:

People tend to look towards the future with a sense of anxiety as the New Year closes in. However, Christmas is also a good time of year to reflect on where the business is at the moment. What have you achieved over the past year? What can be learned from the things that have not gone to plan?

Tip 9:

All the commitments, both work and familial, at this time of year can seem like a lot of pressure. It is important to remember to enjoy this special period with loved ones while it lasts. Make sure you manage your commitments in such a way that you maintain a work-life balance. Enjoy your holidays and keep your work hours controlled.

Tip 10:

When you’re feeling overwhelmed over such a busy period, it is important to remember that there is help available. Ask for help from a colleague, contact or professional. The input of others and ability to share your concerns will undoubtedly ease your stress.

Another great way to manage your stress and put in place systems to over come it in the future is to invest in a training course.

At Trainwest we offer business management training, training and assessment courses and work health and safety qualifications. All of our courses are can be delivered as on-site traineeships or we can tailor and design an in-house program for your organisation.  Contact Trainwest today to book your courses for 2015!!

With all these factors in mind, we wish you the best of luck over the holiday season and hope our tips can bring you a happy, stress-free Christmas period.