Why Hire a Generation Y Rookie?

As Generation Y enters the workforce, the unique set of skills and advantages of this age group are being brought to light. All companies like the safety of hiring someone with experience, but this rookie generation should not be written off. What can you gain from hiring a rookie?

Here are just a few things this new working generation can bring to the table:


Generation Y grew up with technology many business owners didn’t have access to until much later in life. This experience with technological advances has inspired unique innovation among this age group. They grew up in a time when problems were solved with innovative technologies, shaping their problem solving and innovation skills.


Unlike seasoned professionals, rookie employees are not accustomed to particular business practices or strategies. With the right training from you, their employer, they can easily adjust to your business practices and suggest new, inventive ways of doing things.


Generation Y is a generation of doers. They grew up in a world where “well-rounded” was the most important word when applying to colleges; where startups and entrepreneurship were the ultimate goals; and where technology meant you were never doing just one thing at a time. This generation wants to take on new tasks and can handle them all in stride.

So how can you prepare to bring this generation into your workforce?

While this hardworking and well-educated generation has plenty to offer today’s companies, they may be without any real-world business experience.

Enrolling yourself and your coworkers in a Certificate IV Frontline Management course is a great way to prepare your company for this influx of new employees. This management training course can help ensure you and your coworkers are prepared to teach and manage this new generation of employees.

Trainwest is a local registered training organisation in Perth. Their expertise in frontline management training courses has enabled thousands of employers to properly and efficiently train their staff in management techniques.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Generation Y will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Let Trainwest help you make sure you and your employees have the best and most up-to-date education in management techniques to train this new, young workforce.