How to make the best career choice for YOU!

So, you’ve reached a career crossroads and you have some tough choices to make about your future career.

While you make be panicking, you just need to simplify your choices and weigh up the pros and cons of the following options:

  1. Keep your current job
  2. Leave your job

What should you do about your career?

  • You’re working for a good company but feel unsure about your next stepAsk yourself:Could it be time to make an upward move?

Is there a way that I can set myself up for a promotion?

Are there some training courses around that I can get involved in, to up-skill and demonstrate my commitment to the profession?

A great way to put yourself at the forefront of your employees minds is to undertake a diploma of management or training and assessment course. This will make you appear as a better candidate for a promotion as you have shown that you are up to date with the latest management knowledge and techniques.

To really show off your abilities, why not suggest a traineeship, which allows you to train and develop in the workplace. Through this process not only will you demonstrate your skills a but also your employer is eligible for payroll tax exemptions, meaning you’re improving their bottom line.

  • You don’t enjoy your job and want to move on

It could be that your boss is an idiot, you’re in the wrong industry or that you just hate it. Regardless of the reason, if it’s time to make a move, start putting things in place. Put some feelers out. Try to find out which companies are growing, do some networking and go to some local business events.However, take some time to solidify that you’re making a rational decision. If you quit on a whim without any back-up plan, you make live to regret it. It’s much better to have something waiting in the wings before resigning from a position.

You can make a great career choice

Some of the best ones involved taking some-or most of the emotion out of the decision. The not-so-good ones were almost always emotionally-based decisions. We all have little voices in our heads, these inner voices represent or intuition and are almost always accurate.

If you need help finding the right path, contact the experienced team at Trainwest who can get you back, heading in the right direction.

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