Don’t study more, study better

At school, in the workplace, and in training courses, there always seems to be one person who naturally succeeds without much studying or extra work.

You may assume these people are just better at learning, however, it is more likely that these people have developed effective and efficient strategies for learning and studying. Whether you are working toward a diploma or a certification to improve your employability, it is never too late to adjust your study habits.

Before you begin studying or even enroll in a training course or class, it is important that you set goals to strive toward. What do you hope to accomplish with this course? How will this knowledge help in your day to day life or to further your education? Looking forward to the tangible results of your hard work will help keep you motivated even while trying to master difficult and challenging material.

Even after setting goals, you will still need to study. Many students sit down to study with little or no plan. This common mistake often leads to wasted time with hours of studying and no results. Before you begin studying, set up a structured schedule, detailing not only what you will study, but how you will study it.

Experiment with different studying methods, such as reading over notes, rewriting notes, or putting your studying material to real-life use, and decide which method works most effectively for you. If you begin studying with a plan and the knowledge of how you most effectively learn, you can eliminate wasted study time and efficiently accomplish your learning goals.

If you still find yourself struggling to learn the material in your class or course, consider working with a small group or speaking with a teacher. Large class sizes often prohibit teachers from knowing which students are falling behind. Working in a smaller group or one-on-one with a teacher enables students to address specific aspects of material they may not be understanding.

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