Make Yourself More Valuable in The Workplace

As the job market gets increasingly competitive, many people in the working world are finding they need to improve their employability skills.

Whether you are looking for a new job, want a promotion from your current employer, or are looking for a change in industry, you may find that these career advancements are becoming increasingly difficult to attain.

However, there are steps you can take to make yourself a more valuable asset to your current or future employer.

  1. Improve Peer Relationships

Being a team player is a valuable quality to almost every employer. Not only will you find that employers value this ability, but you may find that your peers respect you more. This respect may lead to leadership opportunities, showing your employer that you are ready for management-level work.

How do I improve these relationships?

Make an effort to get to know your co-workers. Lay the groundwork for a working relationship so when the time comes that you may need to work on a project together, your co-workers will already know and respect you. Consider taking a course on Training and Assessment to improve your managerial skills. The training and assessment skills you will learn in a class such as this will give you managerial skills essential to leading a team.

  1. Take on More Responsibility

Whether its taking the reigns and leading a team project or going above and beyond what’s expected of you in every day tasks, managers want to know you are willing and ready to increase your responsibility.

How do I take on more responsibility?

Take a look at the tasks you handle every day and examine what else you could be doing in relation to these tasks. Perhaps there is a process you could improve or an extra step you could take to improve outcomes. If you frequently participate in group projects, consider taking a leadership role in the next assignment.

  1. Continue Your Education

The business world is constantly changing and as you try to move up the corporate ladder, you may find that the skills your employer expects you to have will change. Your employers want to know that you not only have the ability to learn new practices, but that you have the drive to want to adapt to the changing working world.

How can I continue my education?

Look into registered training organisations in your area. RTOs offer a variety of classes designed to make you more valuable to your employer or on the job market. These courses allow you to expand your current knowledge of certain business aspects, or introduce you to new ones that may be missing from your experience.

Trainwest, a local West Australian registered training organisation, understands the importance of making yourself valuable to current or future employers. Training courses and certifications can provide you with the right tools to further your career.

Trainwest offers many first-class courses including the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Double Diploma of TAE50111 & TAE50211 – Diploma of Vocational Education and Training and Diploma of Training Design and Development.

Contact Trainwest today and let us provide you the right pathway for your career.