Ace that speech

Public speaking is a common fear. However as a leader in the workplace it will be apart of your management role to address your employees. Many people are terrified of the idea of getting up in front of a crowd and saying or doing something that may result in embarrassment. But with a little preparation you’ll have little to fear!

Here are seven tips on how to give a great speech:

1. Consider Your Audience
Learn what you can about the group that you will be speaking to. Know exactly how long you will have to speak and the expected topic.

2. Write That Speech
Even if you will only be speaking for two minutes in a corporate presentation, take the time to write out a speech appropriate for the audience you plan to speak to. Include facts to back up your information, as well as personalized anecdotes.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
A lack of preparation is one of the most common reasons people fumble during a speech. Practice your speech several times prior to the event so that you feel comfortable with the words on the page.

4. Creature Comforts
Bring a bottle of water and mints to avoid dry mouth. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel good, allows you to breathe, and looks professional.

5. Don’t Lock Your Knees
Many people lock their knees while speaking and, as a result, feel faint. Keep your knees slightly bent to stay relaxed while speaking.

6. Speak Slowly
Nerves can make you speak much faster than you think. Make a conscious effort to speak slowly and enunciate your words.

7. Breathe
Write it on your cue cards – breathe! Take the time in the middle or at the end of each sentence to take a slow, calming breath. This will help you to speak slowly, but also help to keep your nerves steady and your voice strong, until you can relax and begin to breathe naturally.

With these tips you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master at public speaking and this will in turn impact on the effectiveness of your management and presentation skills.

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