How to Build A Winning Team Through Management

In order to get the most out of your team, you first need to condition them to win. This means building a winning attitude within the ranks of your employees. Here are five things your management team can do to cultivate a team of winners:

    1. Set Clear GoalsIt’s hard to reach the finish line you don’t know where it is. To develop a strong team, you must let your team know exactly what you plan to accomplish and by when. Setting a specific goal within a specific time frame will give your team something specific to fight for.
    2. Offer Incentives

Let go of the attitude that your employees should do the work because they’re getting paid for it. If you want the best from people, incentives can go a long way. This can be something as simple as acknowledging the Employee of the Week, rewarding employees with incentives such as coffee and donuts in the morning, or even providing your team with comp time when certain milestones are achieved. Speak to your human resources department to determine what incentives you can offer your employees to encourage them to go the extra mile.

  • Focus on Strengths


Yes, it’s important to develop your employees in the areas where they may be weak. It’s just as important to make the most out of the strengths your employees can bring to the ream. Identify the strengths and weaknesses within your staff and, when working towards a particular goal, call on the areas of strength for each employee. That way, they will have the opportunity to achieve where they perceive it matters most and develop areas of weaknesses on less important projects.

  • Show Respect


Show your team respect by respecting their time. Unnecessary meetings, redundant projects, and time wasted are all things that can build resentment and limit productivity. Exercise good leadership by starting and finishing meetings on time, avoiding redundant assignments and time wasters.

  • Lead by Example


Leadership starts at the top. It’s one thing to set a goal and quite another to lead by example. If you demonstrate to your team that you are willing to work just as hard if not harder to achieve the group goal, your team will be quick to follow your lead.

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