How to get that promotion

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, it’s time to show upper management exactly where it is that you intend to go. Here are five things you can do to get that promotion.

1. Be Present
Do you feel invisible at work? Then, it is time to be present. Maybe that means showing up early and leaving late, or maybe that means raising your hand more often in staff meetings or volunteering for new responsibilities. Depending on your corporate culture, take the steps to show upper management that you are interested in improving your role at the company.

2. Learn
If you are interested in increasing your level of responsibility, let upper management know that you are interested in learning how to obtain a new skill. Perhaps that means asking for a mentor in your area of interest or taking a class. Trainwest offers a variety of information for those who are looking to develop a skill set in a new area or strengthen their management or leadership skills.

3. Set an Example
Complete projects on time or early. Identify areas in the company that could use your expertise. Volunteer to help outside of work on fund-raising activities or similar. Do what you can to stand out as an employee and upper management will be certain to notice that you are a motivated employee.

4. Show Respect
Work hard and compete but be certain to always show respect and kindness to everyone you work with. You never know – your colleague today could be your boss tomorrow.

5. Take Care
In the midst of learning, training, and working to be the best employee you can be remember to take care of yourself. Do not sacrifice your health or your family to achieve that promotion. Find a healthy work/life balance, where you can achieve your career goals while still maintaining peace of mind.

A great way to show your boss that you’re ready for the next level is by improving your qualifications. If you partake in some training courses which will improve your communication and management skills you will appear more equipped to handle the pressures of management. Trainwest offers many great comprehensive courses which can give your resume the boost that it needs. For example a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will qualify you to deliver and assess competency based training in a number of job roles. This will prove to your employers that you are serious about advancing in the workplace and want to improve.

Do you want advice on how to improve your skillset and achieve that next step in your career? Talk to one of our advisors at Trainwest. Our team will work with you to develop the skillset you need to get ahead.