Power in Numbers

There is power in teamwork! Working as a team can help your company to achieve new ideas, accomplish more, and inspire others. The value of teamwork can be substantial, so take the time to foster it in your work community.

Here are 6 ways you can help your staff work together as a team:

  1. Build Team Spirit
    Schedule out a time each week for a one-hour team building session. Use the time to do something fun and collaborative such as board games, sporting activities, or even a potluck snack hour. This time, if managed correctly, will encourage your staff to develop stronger relationships and, as a result, work together with less effort.
  2. Host Networking Sessions
    It can be difficult for different departments to build relationships. Set up networking sessions designed to introduce different staff members to each other and give them the opportunity to develop relationships. Eventually, these relationships could lead to productive collaboration between departments.
  3. Encourage Community Recognition
    Encourage staff to complete a recognition form at the end of each week to highlight a coworker. Have the manager compile the recognition and send it privately to those workers that were honored. This will encourage staff to encourage one another, which will help to build team spirit.
  4. Form Teams
    If your office focuses primarily on individual responsibilities, consider adding projects designed to be accomplished as a team. Set up a competition between teams. For example, select three teams to present an overhaul of the homepage of your website and have a panel of “judges” determine the winner. This will not only help the teams to grow closer, but hopefully develop a higher level of work performance.
  5. Provide the Opportunity for Mentorship
    Each quarter, partner some of your more experienced workers with some of your less experienced workers. Encourage those with more experience to help develop newer staff. Likewise, partner experienced employees with community leaders or higher-ups. Fostering the opportunity for growth shows you value your workers and want them to succeed.
  6. Educate Your Staff
    Work with Trainwest in one of our customized in- house workshops to develop the skills to help your staff work better as a team. Education and training can help even experienced staff members on a stronger team performance.