How to Build A Long Lasting Network

Relationships are a key component to success in business. Developing a strong network will ensure that you have the contacts you need to succeed in your field.

Here are some tips on building a strong network:

  1. Join a Networking Group
    Are you having trouble building a network? Join a networking group. Many groups are designed to help you make new contacts and develop relationships. People are there for the purpose of building relationships and will, most likely, be very open to developing strong business relationships.
  2. Contact Your Contacts
    Reach out to your contacts at least once every quarter. This can be done by phone, by e-mail, or even by a personal note. A brief conversation for a quick note to acknowledge you were thinking of your contact will help to keep that relationship fresh.
  3. Help Your Contact
    Do what you can to assist your contacts. For example, if you have free tickets to a networking luncheon that may come in handy for a contact searching for a job, pass them along. A willingness to help others will help you to build positive professional relationships.
  4. Connect People
    Do you know someone who would benefit from meeting one of your current contacts? Connect the two. This will help your contacts to become better connected, as well, which will ultimately widen your circle.
  5. Build a Rolodex
    It can be easy to lose track of your contacts if you do not have a system in place. Maintain your contacts using an online application, a business card folder, or a good old-fashioned Rolodex.

Need assistance networking?

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