Top 10 Business New Year’s Resolutions

2014 is drawing to a close and 2015 is nearly upon us. By this time of year you’ve probably started thinking about New Year resolutions and how you want to make the most of the next twelve months.

Here are Trainwest‘s top tips to help you construct realistic, achievement-oriented resolutions that will ensure the success of your business and bring you closer to the perfect work-life balance in the new year.

1. The first way by which you can achieve a healthy work-life balance is to learn to delegate. Don’t feel like you need to shoulder all the responsibilities of your business. Have faith in the competence and capability of others. Unless you do this, you will always be time-poor as well as tired and stressed.

2. Guarantee the success of your business by investing in regular and consistent promotion. Promotion needs to be prioritized in order to gain new customers. An important New Year’s resolution, if you want to increase your business’ chance of success, is to enlist the help of a marketing expert or create your own marketing plan and execute it throughout the year.

3. The best way to ensure your business’ health and growth, as well as your own focus, is to partake in regular business planning. Commit to reflection on your business either weekly or daily. During this time consider what has worked or failed since the last period of reflection and adjust your goals and trajectory accordingly. By doing this, you will stay on track and you will feel more motivated.

4. Become a part of a networking group or business organisation. Make an effort to expose yourself to contacts. Actively pursuing discussion with other business people is a brilliant way to build and refine ideas.

5. Become a part of a charity cause. By giving back to the community, you will be making the place you live a better place. You will become a better person and your business will thrive as a result of the goodwill you are creating.

6. In order to achieve a healthy balance in your life, you should make sure to schedule time for yourself. Only when you are centred, refreshed and recharged can you truly commit yourself to the success of your business. You should ensure you stick to your self-commitment like you would a commitment to a customer.

7. Work on setting realistic goals. This will become a valuable skill for life and will set you on the right path for success. Many small, realistic goals are much more achievable than grand, ungraspable ones.

8. Make a resolution to replace any equipment in your office that is making your work harder. You don’t need to be hindered by easily-replaced, faulty machinery. By making small changes to your work environment, you can maximise your efficiency and productivity.

9. Likewise, if a product or sales method isn’t working for you, don’t waste energy on trying to use it. Keep moving forward and by moving past it you will be making way for better processes and successes.

10. Aim to learn something new this year, whether it is related or unrelated to your business. This will improve your skillset and bring you one step closer to that healthy work-life balance. A great way to this is through a training course management. Not only will you be updating your skills but you will be learning techniques that will help to improve the productivity of your entire office. It might help you to network for your business or just improve your own personal satisfaction.

Trainwest currently offers the Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Project Management and Diploma of Management. Our business management training qualifications are also available for in-house traineeships and partnerships.

A healthy work-life balance is something many people spend a lifetime trying to achieve. It is a lengthy process. But with these New Year’s resolutions as tools, you will be guaranteed to see your business and personal satisfaction thrive.