The Importance of Structured Support in Training

In today’s world, the workplace is a continually changing environment and for many the challenge of adopting new knowledge and skills on the job can be very challenging. This is especially relevant when employees are asked to undertake more training in order to upskill and meet workplace demands.

The training availability to employees isn’t the issue. However, the lack of well thought out and structured support provided whilst undergoing these qualification is a serious issue.

How is structured support relevant?

The concept itself is not a new idea, worldwide companies such as Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous have built their highly effective programs through support offered in weekly meetings and one-on-one mentoring.

Structured support can come in many forms and varieties however it must be relevant to the skill and job at hand, in order complete defined objectives and produce measurable results. Trainers and providers of this support must ensure that employees can carry learnt skills through to their future endeavors within the workplace.

How can employers and trainers alike provide this structured support to their employees in an efficient and effective matter?

Mentoring –

This extremely effective and personal method of providing support is very situational dependant, and can occur at any point of an employee’s stage within the workplace. It is important the employees have access to feedback from mentor figures in order for them to re-think their goals, accountability and maintain focus.

Performance Support Systems –

These are innovative systems that are able to be accessed whenever needed by employees. Examples include tools such as ‘Leo’ developed by Kryon Systems, a program placed over systems such as which is able to help employees complete a task when they forget how to, by either guiding them through it or literally completing the operation for them. Employees simply type their questions into the system. This real time support is of major benefit to organisations.

Social Learning 

Discussion boards and other social vehicles provide employees with immediate access to subject matter experts across their community, who can help them solve particular issues using new or forgotten processes. Employees simply post the question on the social vehicle or look to see if someone else has already posted one similar. Respondents can then guide learners in many ways such as through video feedback, step by step text or links to other relevant resources.

Follow-Up Learning Opportunities 

Simple opportunities such as post-training meetings and webinars are invaluable opportunities for trainers to discuss with learners how their application process is progressing. These are valuable opportunities for trainers to discuss better practices of how to apply their learning whilst at the same time receiving feedback.

How Trainwest Can Help

Well structured and ongoing support is clearly a major benefit to employees in the process of applying newly adopted knowledge and skills to their current workplace situation. Regardless of the style or type of support provided it should be built into any good training program to maximise success.

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