How to Fast Track Wins in Your Business

A strong culture is a vital element for sporting teams, both elite and amateur, and yet when it comes to business, 70% of the Australian workforce is currently disengaged.

Sport teams have passion, purpose, shared vision, spirit and unity. Team members play for the love of the game and the love of their team – not just the money. They love what they do.

But in business, employees don’t always love what they do. Often they are disengaged, and willing to change employers immediately for as little as a 5% pay increase. Getting the people truly engaged and excited has always been a challenge in the business world. So what is missing? How do we ignite enthusiasm and dedication in employees?

There are striking similarities between successful sport teams, and successful businesses. In both, the key is their people. When people engage and become excited, they feel like making a difference within their business “team.” Forward thinking organisations know how to take the necessary steps to foster a winning culture with their people.

In sports, the best teams know that success relies heavily on the contributions of everyone. The trust and camaraderie within the team keeps them aligned, and all players have the necessary skills and know-how to be accountable, support their team, and embrace any level of pressure.

Strong culture and engagement go hand in hand, and are integral to each other’s survival. But what is a quality culture? It is commonly defined as, “one united group with the same positive mindset, owning and working toward the same winning vision.”

Business’ management can benefit from adopting this sporting methodology and many do attempt to but with limited success. Often the leadership will understand the theory, but the adaptation and implementation are where businesses struggle.

Here are three actions leaders can take to successfully build a strong workplace culture:

• Schedule weekly group discussions to create new habits and grow both the individual and the organisation.
• Set a three month goal for both individual and team accountability.
• Discover all participants’ motivational touch points. Everyone is different. Maybe some individuals will perform better in a different position.

For an organisation to get ahead of their competitors, management must understand that people are their power. Old school business strategies and ‘knowledge dumping’ are no longer sufficient when it comes to employee activation. The most effective method shown to motivate employees is my promoting their education and advancement of their skills.

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