Trainwest Trainer of The Month Damien Wragg

Damien isn’t your safety traditionalist. He believes that most incidents occur because of some interaction between a hazard and a person.

Traditional safety has focused heavily on controlling the hazard and only recently has it begun to focus on the people.

Today our workers make two types of decisions.

  1. Deliberate
  2. Unconscious

Recent behaviour based safety programs have been engaging workers to make the right deliberate choice and behave in a favourable way. However, there has been little developed to actively stop people who make decisions whilst in this unconscious habitual or autopilot mode. It is this area that is of great interest to Damien.

If you have attended one of Damien’s courses and seen him in action it becomes clear that he is passionate about safety and training individuals to make their workplaces safer. Joining the Trainwest team in 2010, Damien has a wealth of safety knowledge and through his training communicates this to his students in an engaging, relevant and clear manner. He constantly receives excellent feedback from our students who praise him for the interesting and interactive delivery methods he uses.

Damien has played an integral role in developing and improving both the Certificate IV and Diploma in WHS and through his passion and wealth of knowledge in the industry, continues to provide invaluable feedback and changes to courses for the benefit of our students!

Congratulations to Damien on being named this month’s Trainwest Trainer of the Month! We are sure we speak on behalf of all students he has taught when we say we appreciate what you have done and what you are constantly bringing to not only our team, but the industry!